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What To Expect

What to expect at Cohn Counseling in Bethesda, Maryland2021-07-21T16:47:40-04:00

Our therapists offer a 15-minute complimentary telephone consultation to explore you or your adolescents needs and thoughtfully discuss how Cohn Counseling could be a good fit for you. During this consultation, you will have an opportunity to briefly discuss your concerns and ask any questions you might have about the therapeutic process.

How can I make an appointment?2021-07-21T16:48:20-04:00

Cohn Counseling in Bethesda is currently accepting new clients and has immediate availability. Our therapists have availability Monday- Friday and offer after-school and evening hours to meet the need of students and working individuals. You will have an opportunity to schedule an appointment during your initial telephone consultation. To request a free consultation, contact us or give us a call.

What do I need to bring for my first appointment?2021-07-21T16:55:29-04:00

Feel free to download and complete our forms below prior to the initial evaluation. If you happen to forget these forms that is not a problem, your therapist will have a blank copy to be completed during the initial evaluation.

If parents are divorced, please bring in a copy of the legal documentation stating legal and physical custody over the child at the initial appointment.

Lastly, please bring payment for the initial evaluation.

What can I expect during my initial session?2021-07-21T16:56:34-04:00

We meet with clients in-person at our office in Bethesda, Maryland. Initial sessions are usually 90-minutes. During that time, you will meet with your therapist to discuss your concerns and reasons for seeking out therapy. Your therapist will review with you the policy and procedures of Cohn Counseling and answer any questions you might have to the best of their ability. At this time, your therapist will review the list of services offered at Cohn Counseling.

Typically, after your initial session you will meet with your therapist for 45 minutes on a weekly basis. 60-minute sessions are also available when necessary, this is especially useful for family therapy to ensure everyone has enough time to discuss and address their concerns. Biweekly and monthly appointments are also available however not recommended at the beginning of treatment.

Then, once you have been working with your therapist and see significant progress, clients sessions are decreased to biweekly or monthly appointments. This is to be discussed with your Therapist to ensure your treatment best meets your needs. The therapists at Cohn Counseling understands the demands of life and do their best to be flexible and accommodating, especially during exam time with adolescent therapy.

Do I have to be at every appointment if my adolescent has an appointment?2021-07-21T16:56:56-04:00

Parents/Guardians are required at the initial evaluation. Typically your therapist will meet with you and your adolescent together to gather information and discuss any questions you might have. After about 45/60 minutes together the therapist will meet with your child individually. During the initial evaluation it is important to discuss with your therapist the frequency in which the therapist will want to incorporate you in treatment. Typically parents are not included in every weekly appointment.

If parents are divorced please bring in a copy of the legal documentation stating legal and physical custody over the child at the initial appointment.

How much does therapy cost?2021-07-21T16:57:14-04:00

Therapy is a smart investment in yourself and for your family. Our therapists work hard to help you achieve your goals in an effective time frame while being aware of financial constrains of budget. Cohn Counseling expects payment at the time of service unless different arrangements are made with your therapists. Cohn Counseling in Bethesda accepts cash, check, and credit cards (Visa/MasterCard) for your convenience.

We do not accept insurance as a direct form of payment. Cohn Counseling offers privacy, as well as the freedom to explore your concerns without receiving a mental health disorder diagnosis and without interference from your insurance company’s intake specialists or claims reviewers. However, many insurance plans provide out-of-network coverage for counseling services. If desired, we offer the necessary documentation to submit for reimbursement through your out-of-network coverage. Statements are provided at the end of the month if requested.

Where is your office located?2024-01-24T17:51:23-05:00

Cohn Counseling is conveniently located in Bethesda, Maryland on 4905 Del Ray Avenue Suite 210 Bethesda, Maryland 20814. Our office is at the corner of Del Ray Ave and Norfolk Ave. There is a parking garage located next to the office as well as, metered street parking. The office is a 10-minute walk from Bethesda Metro station.

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Our office

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