Coaching is a process in which a trained professional, known as a coach, assists individuals in setting and achieving personal or professional goals. It involves a collaborative and goal-oriented approach, with the coach providing guidance, support, and feedback to help the client enhance their skills, overcome challenges, and reach their desired outcomes. Coaching can be applied in various areas, including career development, personal growth, and leadership skills.

Coaching and mental health services serve distinct purposes, although they may share some similarities. Here are key differences between coaching and mental health services:

  • Focus and Goals:
    • Coaching: Primarily focuses on setting and achieving personal goals, improving performance, and enhancing specific skills. It is future-oriented and goal-driven.
    • Mental Health Services: Focuses on diagnosing and treating mental health disorders, addressing emotional and psychological issues, and promoting overall mental well-being. Individual therapy or family therapy is beneficial to individuals experiencing distress or dysfunction.
  • Professional Background:
    • Coaching: Our Coaches come from various professional backgrounds and are certified in coaching methodologies. They do not have formal mental health training.
    • Mental Health Services: The mental health professionals at Cohn Counseling are specifically trained with a Masters degree and ongoing training to provide therapeutic interventions for mental health concerns.
  • Approach and Techniques:
    • Coaching: Utilizes a solution-focused and action-oriented approach, employing techniques to help individuals identify and achieve their goals.
    • Mental Health Services: Utilizes therapeutic techniques to explore emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, aiming to alleviate distress, improve coping mechanisms, and foster emotional well-being.
  • Client Base:
    • Coaching: Often works with individuals who are functioning well but seek improvement or guidance in specific areas of their lives.
    • Mental Health Services: Typically works with individuals facing mental health challenges, emotional distress, or psychiatric disorders.

While coaching and mental health services serve different needs, there can be some overlap in terms of personal development and well-being. It’s important for individuals to choose the appropriate service based on their specific goals and the nature of the issues they want to address. If you are unsure which services are best for you, please contact us to take advantage of our free 15 minute consultation where we work to connect you with the provider who is best suited for your needs.