Our Bethesda MD therapy practice offers individual, family, adolescent and group counseling. Each person’s experience with Bethesda MD therapy will be unique and catered to meed your needs and individual goals. Through Bethesda MD therapy we hope to encourage growth, challenge you and help develop new strategies when faced with stress and daily obstacles.

Individual Therapy offers one-on-one counseling services with a trained therapist to explore with you your feelings, beliefs, and behaviors that may be challenging or counter productive. Together we work to help you develop self-awareness and the tools to cope with and solve problems.

Adolescent Therapy focuses on underlying emotional problems that interfere with development. The therapist at Cohn Counseling offers a specializations in treating children from childhood to late adolescents. If your adolescent is going through a difficult time, coping with depression or anxiety, low self-esteem or needs help to achieve his or her full potential, do not hesitate to contact Cohn Counseling to support your adolescent overcome their challenges.

Cohn Counseling

Family Therapy offers a safe environment where you and your loved ones can come together with the support and guidance of a trained professional to work through challenges and counter-productive patterns. In family therapy the therapist strives to give all family members a chance to ask questions and discuss their concerns in a nonjudgemental and open space. The goal of family therapy is to help family members find common ground on which to build successful relationships within the family.

Group Therapy offers a unique environment of a group of individuals faced with similar struggles as yourself. Group therapy offers an environment where you can gain support from others who know what it feels like and provides you with a sounding board. Through this process the group can help you come up with specific ideas for improving a difficult situation or life challenge.