Privacy Policy

Cohn Counseling LLC is committed to honoring the privacy of our clients at all times. We collect and maintain only personal information that is specifically and knowledgeably provided to us by individuals. Client information will never be exchanged or sold on in exchange for services or referrals. We only share personally identifiable information with a third party if we are required to by law or if the person submitting the information asks that it be shared and signed consent is obtained. We do maintain records, which we regard as private and confidential and store securely with access limited to authorized staff while complying with HIPAA.

Additional information about your rights with respect to your private health information is available in the HIPAA disclosure statement available in our forms or directly from Cohn Counseling.

There are links to other websites on our site for the purpose of providing more useful and complete information to our visitors. We do not take responsibility for the contents or privacy practices of any website other than our own.

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