We meet with clients in-person at our office in Bethesda, Maryland. Initial sessions are usually 90-minutes. During that time, you will meet with your therapist to discuss your concerns and reasons for seeking out therapy. Your therapist will review with you the policy and procedures of Cohn Counseling and answer any questions you might have to the best of their ability. At this time, your therapist will review the list of services offered at Cohn Counseling.

Typically, after your initial session you will meet with your therapist for 45 minutes on a weekly basis. 60-minute sessions are also available when necessary, this is especially useful for family therapy to ensure everyone has enough time to discuss and address their concerns. Biweekly and monthly appointments are also available however not recommended at the beginning of treatment.

Then, once you have been working with your therapist and see significant progress, clients sessions are decreased to biweekly or monthly appointments. This is to be discussed with your Therapist to ensure your treatment best meets your needs. The therapists at Cohn Counseling understands the demands of life and do their best to be flexible and accommodating, especially during exam time with adolescent therapy.