Therapy is a smart investment in yourself and for your family. Our therapists work hard to help you achieve your goals in an effective time frame while being aware of financial constrains of budget. Cohn Counseling expects payment at the time of service unless different arrangements are made with your therapists. Cohn Counseling in Bethesda accepts cash, check, and credit cards (Visa/MasterCard) for your convenience.

We do not accept insurance as a direct form of payment. Cohn Counseling offers privacy, as well as the freedom to explore your concerns without receiving a mental health disorder diagnosis and without interference from your insurance company’s intake specialists or claims reviewers. However, many insurance plans provide out-of-network coverage for counseling services. If desired, we offer the necessary documentation to submit for reimbursement through your out-of-network coverage. Statements are provided at the end of the month if requested.